About Us

It starts with our name. We get taco because well….we love tacos. We get Yolo from the acronym You Only Live Once. To us living once means life is too short to eat anything that isn’t fresh and delicious. Our motto is, Live Once, Do it Deliciously.

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Our Story

The Founders
Taco Yolo is founded by 4 restaurateurs with a combined 120 years of experience in creating delicious meals in a comfortable environment served with top notch service. The ownership group will work tirelessly to ensure your visit is memorable and you return to our restaurant is imminent.

The Food
Taco Yolo is dedicated to serving simple, fresh food that is both authentic and modern. The menu is built around burritos, bowls and tacos and is all prepared from farm to table fresh. Our chef also creates weekly specials that keep the menu changing and fresh so we can deliver classic favorites and exciting innovative dishes.

The Experience
The restaurant’s capture Mexico’s rich culinary culture and vibrant street food scene in rustic and warm atmospheres. Grab a quick bite at lunch or relax with a beer or wine in the evening. We love spending time in our restaurant and know you will too. Whether it is a quick ‘grab-and-go’ for the business crowd, a break from a day’s shopping to recharge, or a fulfilling meal and drinks for an enjoyable evening out, Taco Yolo offers a welcoming, comfortable environment throughout the day.

“I think delicious food in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone has to eat and this is the place for those who love to eat.”


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